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Completed requests have been mixed in with this batch.
24 Greys Anatomy Cast
6 Greys Anatomy
11 Vanessa Hudgens ( 5 with Zac Efron)
22 Hilarie Burton (w/ Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz)
4 Bethany Joy Lenz
4 Random {Matthew Fox,  Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell)

+ comment and credit if taking
- no hotlinking 
- no posting on xanga 
+feel free to join hearts_unfolded





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these are very pretty, love the coloring...sweeet!
Wow!Great icons!Snagged Hilarie and one Isabel from Roswell.
Those are beautiful! Snagged Hil, Hil/Soph, Hil/Joie, Hil/Kristen, Hil/Kristen/Joie, Kristen and Joie. I flove the Kristen/Hil/Joie icons.
Aww I love them!! How much don't I love your texting? EEE! And you know I flove the one you showed me before;) And since you are in a GA freak mode, I am snagging a ton oft hose and all Joy plus Hil! WHEE! Oh and I took Veronica&Kristen too!
Hah i love "them" too. Glad you like!
Snagging a whole bunch.

Thank you for making a Joy/Hil/Kristin avi.
Hee no problem, was fun making it ;)
Snagged Hil/Kristen!!
Gorgeous. Your colors looks amazing! (:
Wow thanks!
wow! I think I basically snagged almost everything in this batch! gorgeous!
Thanks Marina!